Company Background

Where we began…


The Ross & Ross Food brand was inspired by two friends who had been working in the food industry for many years and wanted to use their knowledge & expertise to create fine food products. They created a premium range of Pate’s & Terrines that only used the finest ingredients that were sourced locally to them.

The products were a success and they started selling to well-renowned businesses, such as Harrods & Daylesford – in fact they are a still our loyal customers to this day!


This year brought our first ever award. We won a gold star at The Great Taste Awards for our Duck Rillettes. Our award list has grown extensively since then and you can check them out here.

Awards Page

Our Curing Kit Was Born


This was the year our popular Homemade Bacon Curing Kit was launched and received an overwhelming positive response. The inspiration behind our Curing Kit Range was that we wanted to create a gift that offered a unique, hands-on experience to the recipient. The Kit offers the recipient to cure their own bacon using traditional artisan methods.



With the success of our Bacon Curing Kit we expanded the range to allow people to cure their own salmon, with the Homemade Salmon Curing Kit.

Our Bacon Curing Kit is still one of our top sellers to this day!


With the success of our Bacon Curing Kit we expanded the range to allow people to cure their own salmon, with the Homemade Salmon Curing Kit.Our Bacon Curing Kit is still one of our top sellers to this day!

2016 also saw the launch of our new British BBQ Range – we designed a range of seasonings & oils that are specifically designed to compliment different types of meat, fish and vegetables. We have now curated a range of gifts with our selection of BBQ products that you can see here.


Gift Focus


We launched our British Roast Range in 2017 which was inspired by the business wanting to provide a range of gifts & products to uplift the traditional flavours of the classic, British roast dinner. We won Gift of the Year in 2018 for our Christmas Roast Dinner Box and Food Product of the Year in 2019 for our Roast Potato Oil.


After the success of our British Roast Dinner Range we wanted to create a range that was inclusive to people’s foods wants and needs, so we launched our Veggie Range. We won Gift of the Year in 2020 for our Veggie Roast Dinner Kit.




This year saw a new start for the Ross & Ross brand. We decided it was a time for a re-brand to really focus on producing British food gifts & products. We wanted the brand to represent quality, creativity and originality. We now go by Ross & Ross Gifts and have re-resigned our branding and packaging, however we still maintain our consistent quality, use of local suppliers and main values that we started the brand with.


So we have been operating as Ross & Ross Gifts since 2019 and have really focused on producing original, British food gifts & products that offers a solution to our customers.

Our focus now is to continue producing gifts & products by expanding our range, working with more local businesses and moving into new markets.

We have also really started to consider our Corporate Social Responsibility and one of our main goals over the next few years is to positively contribute to our environment and local community.

We look forward to developing the business and look forward to the bright future ahead for Ross & Ross Gifts.