BBQ Rubs Trio Pack


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Contains BBQ, Moroccan and Steak rubs in a trio gift pack

The trio pack includes a BBQ Rub for Pork, Moroccan Rub for Lamb and a Steak Rub for Beef.

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BBQ Rubs Trio Pack

Summer is approaching! So make sure you’re prepared for the upcoming BBQ season…

A BBQ Rub for Pork, a Moroccan Rub for Lamb and a Steak Rub for Beef in a gift box.

Our new range of dry rubs are specifically designed to pair and complement each meat while adding some glorious flavours. We wanted to create a range of dry rubs to enhance specific meats and give the user a better experience when choosing rubs rather than generic all-purpose rubs. So we spent months researching a whole host of recipes and what spices work best with each meat. This research was not only based on US regional barbecue recipes but also those from North Africa and India.

We took this research to Fox’s Spices to get their expert opinion on what works and what doesn’t. Armed with our extra new knowledge and a boot full of unbelievable spices we set about blending and testing. The result is eight rubs packed full of the best ground spices and blended to enhance the barbecue and the specific meat.