British Roast Dinner Box


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  • Trade Price: £14.50
  • Case Size: 6

Contains Roast Chicken Rub, Roast Potato Oil, Pigs in Blankets Dust and Roast Dinner Dust in a Gift Box with sleeve. FINALIST GIFT OF THE YEAR 2019

The box includes a Roast Potato Oil, Roast Chicken Rub, Pigs in Blankets Dust and Roast Dinner Dust. It really does tick all the boxes…

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The British Roast Dinner Box

Britain loves roast dinners! It’s just a fact… There is nothing better than a traditional Sunday roast with your friends and family. We have therefore created a product that contains everything you need to create the ultimate roast dinner!

Our Christmas Roast Dinner Box was so successful and all of our customers loved the idea of having the essentials of a roast dinner in one gift. The feedback from our customers was that they would love something for the all-year round roasts. So, we created The British Roast Dinner Box! Do you love your roast dinners? Or do you know someone who doesn’t go a Sunday without making a roast? Then The British Roast Dinner Box is the perfect thing for you…

The box was created to liven up the traditional roast dinner components. It’s full of new and exciting flavours that will really wow your dinner guests!