Roast Dinner Dust


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A seasoning to enhance your gravy, yorkies, meat and vegetables

The dust is an all-purpose seasoning, mainly intended for your ‘yorkies’, gravy and veggies! The flavours will truly enhance the traditional British roast dinner.

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Roast Dinner Dust

The Roast Dinner Dust is part of our new roast range! The intention was to completely uplift the traditional British roast dinner with some delicious and unique flavours. We have rubs, dusts and oils for your meat, veggies and roast potatoes. The positivity surrounding the new range has meant an expansion of products. Therefore, we have now created this all-purpose Roast Dinner Dust for your gravy, veggies, meats and Yorkshire puddings.

The Range truly has all the essentials for creating the ultimate Sunday roast! The Roast Dinner Dust is included in our brand new British Roast Dinner Box with our Roast Potato Oil, Roast Chicken Rub and Pigs in Blankets Dust.