Steak & Chips Trio


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Derived from our popular Steak & Chips Kit we have taken three of the best items and packaged them in a trendy trio tube. Includes a Steak Rub, Truffle Mayonnaise and our award-winning Salt & Vinegar Salt.

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Gift a steak lover, the ultimate trio of seasonings to elevate their steak & chips dinner!

This Eco-friendly tube is derived from our popular Steak & Chips Kit and is designed for people who really love steak! This trio tube includes two of our customers’ favourites from the original Ultimate Steak & Chips Kit and we have added a tad of luxury with the Truffle Mayonnaise. The tube includes a Steak Rub for Beef, Truffle Mayonnaise, and our award-winning Salt & Vinegar Salt.

The Steak Rub for Beef is a dry rub seasoning with sweet, smoky and Umami flavours, which is specifically intended to work well on beef. The rub includes a blend of chipotle and Guajillo chilli to provide a subtle kick.

A luxurious Truffle Mayonnaise made with extra virgin cold-pressed rapeseed oil, is intended to be used as a dipping sauce for your chips or a sauce for your steak.

Our Salt & Vinegar Salt was awarded a fantastic 1-star in the Great Taste Awards 2021. The salt is to be used as a replacement for traditional salt & vinegar, which ensures you don’t get the sogginess on the fish & chips.

“What a great idea! We loved the sharpness of the vinegar and the gentle salinity of the sea salt” – Judges comments 


Shelf life: Minimum one-year

Packaging: Cardboard tube, glass jars & paper sleeve

Ingredients (allergens in bold)

Steak Rub for Beef (50g) – Paprika, Ancho, Chipotle, Guajillo, Coriander, Mushroom Powder, Celery Salt, Garlic, Onion, Pepper, Allspice, Sugar, Bay, Oregano.

Truffle Mayonnaise (110g) – Cold-pressed rapeseed oil infused with white truffle (80%), free-range liquid pasteurised whole egg (12%), white wine vinegar, sugar, lemon juice, sea salt.

Salt & Vinegar Salt (50g) – Anglesey Pure Sea Salt Halen Mon PD0 (50%), Malt Vinegar Powder (50%).



*Suitable for vegetarians

*No nuts or soy