The Homemade Curing Tube…Ham


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Brand new Eco-friendly Curing Tube, designed specifically for curing your Christmas ham this year!

The ideal gift for food enthusiasts or anyone wanting to try something a little different. This Eco-friendly tube uses professional artisan methods that allows you to cure your own ham – perfect for your Christmas dinner.

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The Homemade Curing Tube…Ham

Do you know a proper Foodie who loves venturing into new food trends, or someone that is a beginner and wants to try out new culinary experiences? Our Curing Kits are not just a great looking gift, but they also offer a unique hands-on experience to remember. Ever heard of curing your Christmas ham?

This Eco-friendly Curing Tube has been specifically designed for Christmas and lets you cure your own ham at home The tube includes a Christmas curing mix, our Roast Ham Glaze and an easy-to-follow instructions booklet.

The inspiration behind this gift was that we wanted to create a unique gifting idea that was specifically for Christmas. The tube is wrapped in a Christmas themed sleeve and is the ideal gift for a foodie!

The Ham Tube is the perfect self-gifting idea before Christmas Day, if you wanted to cure your ham for the main event. The size of the tube is also perfect as a stocking filler or a secret Santa present.

The idea behind this gift is that you will cure the ham using the curing mixture to add that delicious, salty flavour. Then you will use the Roast Ham Glaze to add that sweet flavour which creates the perfect balance for roast ham. Home-curing has been a popular trend over the last year or so, giving you the ability to make proper dry-cured bacon in the comfort of your own home. Curing is any of various food preservation and flavouring processes such as meats and fish, by the addition of combinations of, salts, nitrates, nitrites or sugar. The aim is to draw the moisture out of the meat by the process of osmosis.